Friday, December 24, 2010

Castaway at Alibaug

Its been a day shy of a week since I had the most amazing time at my friend's beach house in Alibaug and the experience is still fresh in my mind. Its great fun hanging out with the Capoeira gang in this part of the country and the guys are very passionate about this martial art form. Its like Brazil is right here in Mumbai. I can't wait for Baba, the Capoeira instructor, to start classes in Bangalore. Am sure its gonna be well recieved!

Here's a sneak peak at Capoeira..

Big thanks to Baba, Zorro, Mancha and all those who shared their space with me and made my holiday a better one!


  1. Great shots! Have been reading your posts on spiti in indiamike! Hope to be there later this month